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Pictured is York Minister, which is a Church of England building Under the arrangement Methodists will no longer elect a President once a year, but will be led by a President-Bishop.

The President-Bishop will be ordained by a panel of three Anglican bishops, or bishops from some other churches which are recognised by the Church of England.

A document on the merger published by both churches yesterday described these changes as ‘a challenge for the Methodist Church’.

The first President-Bishop is thought likely to be ordained by Anglican bishops other than the Archbishop of Canterbury in order to avoid upsetting Methodist sensitivities.

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For the Church of England, joining with Methodists will mean tearing up church laws dating back more than 350 years which say that no-one but an ordained priest can hold office in the Cof E.

The ‘full communion’ between the two churches would mean the Cof E would have to allow unordained Methodist ministers to conduct services in its churches.

The Church of England and the Methodist Church are set to merge more than 200 years after their historic split, it was revealed yesterday.

The two greatest protestant churches should declare themselves in ‘communion’ and share each other’s priests and ministers, leaders said.

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